VFX artists unwraps what Buzz Aldrin saw on Moon 52 years ago

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, lunar module pilot, walks on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 extravehicular activity on July 20, 1969. (Neil Armstrong|NASA via AP)

‘Digital archaeologist’ Michael Ranger unwrapped what Buzz Aldrin, the co-passenger of Neil Armstrong to the Moon, visited the moon 52 years ago.

Michael Ranger extracted the reflection on the visor of Aldrin in the famous photo captured by Armstrong and created a 360-degree panoramic photo.

The image unwrapped by Michael Ranger

“It allowed me to see from Buzz’s perspective,” Ranger said in his Reddit post.

He also made a video with the image. It can be viewed here.

The VFX artist has also explained how he did the extraction in his post.

The American crew landed on the moon on Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969.

Neil Armstrong was the commander of the flight and Buzz Aldrin was the pilot of the lunar module.

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