Eye on sky please; Keralites can see International Space Station tonight

International Space Station | Photo: AP

Kalikavu: The International Space Station will be visible from Kerala on Sunday at 7.26.16 night. The space station that looks like a shining star in the southwest sky will disappear from the northeast horizon at 7.31.25 pm.

Skywatcher Illias Perimbalam said that the space station can be clearly viewed from Kerala on Sunday.

Peculiarities of the space station

  • Travels between: an orbit of 330-435 kilometres
  • Revolves around the earth 15 and a half times daily
  • Speed: 26,600 kilometres per hour
  • Time taken to revolve around the earth once: 92.69 minutes
  • Size of a football ground
  • Volume: 32,333 cubic foot
  • Weight: 420 tonne
  • A joint venture of US, Russia, Canada, Japan, Brazil, and 11 countries in the European Space Agency
  • Astronauts stay here to conduct experiments and researches
  • 240 people from 19 countries have visited till now

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