Peermade MLA opts jeep as his official vehicle

Peermade MLA Vazhoor Soman and his official vehicle Mahindra Major jeep

A people’s representative will always try to represent the people. Peermade MLA Vazhoor Soman has no better option than a jeep to opt as an official vehicle!

Interestingly, he reached for the assembly session at the Niyamasabha Mandiram in Thiruvananthapuram on a jeep which is an icon of high ranges in Kerala. His entry through the gates of the Kerala State Legislative Assembly in KL 06 D 0538 numbered Mahindra Major jeep was an attention-grabber.

According to MLA Vazhoor Soman, jeep is his favourite vehicle.

The jeep which he is using was brought in the year 2006 after becoming Welfare Standing Committee chairman.

However, his relationship with jeeps dates back to 1978. It was during that year he brought his first jeep with the help of Peermade MLA C A Kurian.

"I used my first jeep till 1991. It was a petrol-engine jeep and way back in 1978 it only costs around Rs 20 for 5 litres," he remembers.

It is unimaginable how petrol rates have gone up, however I cannot avoid the jeep, the MLA said.

At the same time, MLA is of the opinion that jeep may not be convenient for long-distance travel.

Meanwhile, the MLA also informed that he is not interested in modifying the jeep.

“My children used to tell me to bring some modification to the vehicle. But, I will not allow that. For me vehicle is meant for travelling. Nothing other than that. And generally in high range there is no a trend of modifying vehicles,” he said.

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