Restriction on power supply not required, says KSEB

Voltage shortage experienced in several areas. Power consumption crosses records.

Thiruvananthapuram/Kochi:Uninformed restrictions on power consumption or power cuts won’t happen this time, Electricity Board Chairman N.S Pillai said denying the fake news that was being spread. After an analysis done by the board under the leadership of the chairman, it was found out that Kerala has enough electricity even when power consumption is skyrocketing due to the hot summer.

The board meeting was convened after a fake news stating that restriction would be put on power consumption was being spread. It has been confirmed that a situation for dismay doesn’t exist in the present. All requirements can be fulfilled without hindrance using the electricity produced in Kerala as well as the electricity brought from other sources outside Kerala.

Electric lines and transformers are being shut down sometimes for repair work. Due to the scorching heat and busy elections, the repair works that are not urgent has been extended, the Board said. At the same time, voltage shortage has tremendously increased in Kerala as an aftermath of overload on the main supply line. North Malabar and Nilambur have been most affected by this.

Due to the overload, power supply to some of the feeders was cut down the day before. The sources sending electricity from outside Kerala are also facing voltage shortage. However, the voltage fluctuation is still under the permitted limit which is 12%, the officials said.

The transmission-distribution capacity was established long ago in Kerala. Even if more electricity is received, there are no powerlines to transmit it. Complaints are often being made due to overload which is causing transformer drip.

Enough electricity is being received from other states as well. It costs around Rs 4 to Rs 5 per unit. Kerala is giving and taking electricity from North Indian states as well. Based on the availability of electricity in the state, hydroelectricity production schemes are being monitored.

Power consumption has skyrocketed in the state breaking all the records to date. A whopping 881.02 lakh units of electricity was used on April 13. This is the highest amount in Kerala’s power consumption so far. On Wednesday, the number reduced to 868.20 lakh units. The K.S.E.B officials had expected the power consumption to stay below 860 lakh units during this summer.

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