Neighbours of Ponnamattam House in shock; they loved Jolly for her amiable nature

Kozhikode: The native people of Koodathayi and the relatives opine that they did not feel suspicious about Jolly, the key accused who had murdered 6 persons in her family between 2002 and 2016. The elderly couple Annamma and Tom Thomas, who lived at Ponnamattam, were dear to the local people and they all loved them.

The native people have embraced Jolly as she was Ponnamattam family’s daughter-in-law. Omassery panchayat member and CPM leader T T Manojkumar said they used to see Jolly go to NIT on all days in her car. Jolly was active at all family functions like weddings and also in the locality’s public meetings. Jolly was a known figure among all and was also helpful. She was also close to all local people.

The natives say they had no doubts about Jolly even before 2 days. When all the 6 members of the family died, it was Jolly who was in the forefront looking after all matters. Even the property disputes in the family have come out only recently. After Annamma’s demise, the entire responsibility of the family rested with Jolly.

Tom Thomas had great respect and love for Jolly than his son Roy Thomas. Hence she was looking after all financial dealings of the family. Even Shaju, who is now Jolly’s second husband, did not interfere in any of her matters.

As the death of 4 of the family members were reported to be due to cardiac ailments, the death of Sili and her daughter Alphine did not raise any suspicion as they were ailing for some time. When suspicions about Roy’s death was raised by his uncle, a post mortem was conducted but no probe was initiated. The neighbours too did not raise any complaints and this gave more power to Jolly.

Jolly was taken into custody by the Crime Branch team on Saturday 10 am. Jolly’s children and brother were present there at the time. Later, deceased Roy’s sister Renji also arrived and it was she who told Shaju, the second husband of Jolly, to get out of the house. The Ponammattam House is locked at present. Shaju left the House with his belongings.

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