Loco pilot shortage: Railway cancels 10 trains on Monday

Thiruvananthapuram: Railway cancelled many trains following the unavailability of loco pilots. Around 10 passenger trains under the Thiruvananthapuram division will not conduct service on Monday. As these passenger trains have huge rush of daily passengers, the cancellation of service will put the common people in trouble.

The trains through Guruvayur-Thrissur, Punalur-Kollam, Guruvayur-Punalur and Ernakulam-Kayamkulam have been cancelled. Thrissur-Kozhikode passenger has been partially cancelled.

The railway authorities have officially confirmed shortage of loco pilots and ongoing repair works in many parts as the reason for cancellation of trains.

Many trains were cancelled and have been delayed following the repair works for a long time. Though there were shortage of workers, the railway refused to accept it in the beginning and said that the cancellations were due to the repair works.

The railway authority confirmed the shortage of workers only when many trains were cancelled even in regions where no repair works are going on.

It is reported that there are many vacancies for loco pilots. More than 20 loco pilots have been living in the relief camps since the floods, which also contributed to the shortage.

In Thiruvananthapuram division, 525 loco pilot vacancies have been reported but only 420 were filled. Among this, 10 workers have already applied for voluntary retirement.

At the same time, around 25 loco pilots have applied for transfer from other divisions under the Southern Railway. But they need permission from the division management and the general manager to get transfer.

The shortage of loco pilots have been reported in other divisions also. So the transfer requests are pending.

Meanwhile, railway has invited applications for 4000 loco pilots. Even when they have been recruited, they cannot be employed as loco pilots without a year’s experience.

The train cancellations would be affecting the huge passenger force who travel by the passenger trains in the state.

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