Groundwater level dropping intensively: CWRDM

By our own Correspondent

Kozhikode: The rivers and streams in the state are drying up indicating the arrival of a hard drought after the floods. The state government has sought the help of the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM) to know the reason of unexpected changes. Kozhikode CWRDM Senior Principal Scientist Dr. Dinesh told that the government’s direction in this regard will soon be issued.

A detailed study is planned to be conducted in all the 44 rivers of the state. The team had arrived at Poonoor river and Chaliyar river in Kozhikode district for primary inspection the other day. It has been assessed that the sudden decline in the rainfall and the removal of obstacles in the river after flood are the main reasons.

The maximum time limit for the rain water to flow into the sea is upto 48-72 hours. The rest of the water in the river should be groundwater. The decline in the quantity of water may have caused the sudden drop in the water level in rivers, it is supposed.

The sand ridges and other obstacles that preserve water in rivers were destroyed in the flood and this can possibly be a reason for the drought. An inspection need to be staged in this matter. Though it is natural for the water level to go down after the floods, the current phenomenon is observed as a novel experience.

The water level in Periyar and Kabani rivers which overflowed in the floods are found to have decreased abnormally. Water in the wells near the river banks also has decreased. However, CWRDM pointed out that it is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing to be worried about.

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