Ambalamukku murder: After stabbing, accused watched death, wrapped body in a tarpaulin

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Thiruvananthapuram: Rajendran, the accused in the Vineetha murder case, came to the town on lockdown day intending to steal money. He came to Ambalamukku, a kilometre away from Peroorkada, to snatch the golden chain of a woman. The accused chased the woman from Ambalamukku to Kuravankonam Road, where the plant shop is located. Somewhere in the middle, he missed the target from his sight. He then saw Vineetha watering the plants in the shop.

Pretending to buy pots from the shop, Rajendran approached Vineetha. The weird behaviour of Rajendran frightened Vineetha and she started to cry aloud. With this, the accused repeatedly stabbed Vineetha in the neck with a knife and watched Vineetha succumbing by sitting on a nearby staircase. After confirming her death, he took her golden chain and wrapped her in a tarpaulin sheet.

He had returned to Peroorkada the next day of the murder. Police were searching for the culprit at that time in the town. The accused went to the hotel where he had been working and asked for leave showing an injury on his hand that happened during the murder.

The crucial evidence obtained by the police against the accused Rajendran was the same hand injury. Rajendran had gone home during the investigation of police in the labour camps. From the statement of the guest workers, the police came to know about Rajendran and found similarities with the suspect seen in the CCTV footage. Rajendran does not use a mobile phone which was a challenge to the police to track him. The police checked the police records in Nagercoil and came to know his whereabouts.

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