Autopsy report says Kuthiravattom mental hospital inmate died of suffocation, police suspect murder

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Jiyaram Jilott (30), a native of Maharashtra was involved in a fistfight with a 19-year-old inmate on Wednesday night.

Jayaram g lot
Jiyaram Jilott

Kozhikode: The post-mortem report of Jiyaram Jillot, an inmate of the Kuthiravattom mental health centre, pointed out that the death happened due to suffocation. Police suspect that it is a murder. Medical College ACP K Sudarshanan said that the staff and the inmates will be questioned soon. Police suspect a 19-year-old inmate in the case.

Jiyaram (30), a native of Maharashtra, was involved in a fistfight with the suspect on Wednesday night. The dispute was based on the bed space. But the superintendent said that both of them were immediately shifted to separate cells.

The doctor came and examined the nineteen-year-old girl when she was bleeding from her nose after the fight but Jiyaram Jilott had not been examined, said KC Ramesan, hospital's superintendent. Also, the deceased did not have any health problems when the doctor came. But police will question others in the institution to find out whether this is true or the employees know anything more about the death.

Authorities say that she was found dead when the duty doctor arrived for a routine examination on Thursday morning. She was found dead in cell number 10 of the forensic women's ward. A big bump was found on the back of her head, suspected to be due to a blow. Also, she was bleeding from the ears and her nose and face were swollen. Authorities said they found hairs in her hand.

Jiyaram was admitted to Kuthiravttom mental health centre on January 28th. She was wandering with a child in Thalassery after being abandoned by her husband. The police took her to Kuthiravattom as they saw her assaulting the child. ACP K Sudarshanan said the accused may be arrested on Saturday.

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