Predictable surprises fail Inferno as a thriller

Aneesh K Mathew

The movie was gripping during the first half but loose the hold by explaining too much of details.

Inferno, the movie adaptation of Dan Brown's book, is a damper attempt of sticking movie-goers on the edge of their seats. The mystery thriller helmed by Ron Howard is quite a piece of work in terms of direction, but failed miserably in being unusual and surprising. This movie deals with the efforts of Professor Langdon and Elizabeth Sinzkey to save the world from a deadly virus, created by a crazy multi-millionaire Bertrand Zorbist.

‘Humanity is the disease; Inferno is the cure’ was the philosophy put forward by the billionaire megalomaniac Zorbist. He wants to eliminate half of the human population to make this world a better place to live. For that, he creates a virus that spread from one person to several.

Langdon and WHO are behind him to get hold of the virus which is hidden at a place reachable only by interpreting clues written by him. He urges millions of his followers to take action to make the world a place with less number of population. From here, the movie plays a cat-and-mouse game, whether the world can be saved or not. At last, you know what happens.

The sequel movie to ‘The Davinci Code’ and ‘The Angels and Demons’ will literally make you think 'It is time Dan Brown to stop writing Langdon Saves the World Novels'. I haven't read the book, but from the tonnes of reviews about the book I can assess it as a far better version of the story. The plots and sub-plots were not so convincing and the twists and turns were more or less predictable. The movie was gripping during the first half but loose the hold by explaining too much of details.

After watching the movie, which has been released in India in advance because of the presence of Irrfan Khan, I evidently felt that scriptwriter David Koepp didn't show justice to the original writings of Dan Brown. Dante’s definition of art, hell, theology etc. were all brilliant, of course we know that Dan Brown is a genius in making his fiction believable.

Even though the movie is not that enthralling, it is worth enough for a single watch to see Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones.

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