Don’t measure my dress length: Meera Nandan

Mollywood actress Meera Nandan is enjoying her life as a Radio Jockey in Dubai. The ‘Puthiya Mukham’ actress faced a lot of criticism for wearing a mini dress.

In her latest pics on Instagram, Meera was seen nailing the chic look in mini dresses. Irked by this many people criticised her as they always wanted to see her in a traditional look.

In an interview with Mathrubhumi Star and Style, Meera responded to the criticism over her dress.

“Nobody has the freedom to measure the length of my dress. I never entitled such a right to anyone. I am not living to impress others,” said Meera.

She noted that people are too much bothered about her pics on Instagram.

“Earlier, when I go to public places, people used to talk about my movies and television shows. But now, the situation changed a lot. Most of the people who approach me are commenting on my Instagram post. I think I became an underworld for the people,” said the actress.

When Meera posed for a photo in a mini dress, the pics have gone viral on social media. She stated that some people forwarded the pics to her parents.

“I came to know about my viral pics when it became a news on media. People were worried about the length of my dress. They were complaining that it is too short. Some people forwarded the pic to my parents. But they never made any negative comments on it,” Meera explained about the viral pics.

At the same time, she also shared an interesting joke made by her grandmother.

“What’s this Meera?. Even people in Dubai are not aware of the modern world? I wonder in which century they are living,” asked Meera’s grandma to her.

“I was excited when she told this. Then I wanted to tell her ‘Thug Life Ammama’,” said Meera with a laugh.

Responding about the negative comments, Meera stated that she used to ignore them.

“I am not bothered about the people who post bad comments. It’s my Instagram page and I will post anything which I like. That’s my freedom,” asserted Meera.

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