I would have never reached here if it wasn't for my mom: Noorin Shereef

Aami Aswathi

The songs and stars of the movie ‘Oru Adaar Love’ had sowed seeds of love in all hearts before one year. There was a girl with curly hear and cute smile among them. Noorin Shereef became familiar through advertisements even before the release of her first movie. Fans have assembled behind her since the release of the movie on Valentine’s Day. Noorin has earned praises as a good actor in ‘Oru Adaar Love’. Her debut movie was Omar Lulu’s ‘Chunkzz’.

“I have seen many casting calls. But, I didn’t know which was fake and which was real. I noticed the casting call for ‘Chunkzz’ when my friend told me. I attended as I felt that it was real. I acted in a minor role which was sister of the hero and I was happy. Then, the director told me the story of ‘Oru Adaar Love’. I waited for around one year without doing any other movies. There weren’t much difficulties as all were new faces. We had a hope when we completed the shooting of the song ‘Manikya Malaraya Poovi’. But, the response was beyond our expectations. It received attention in and outside the country."

Noorin is a second year student of Integrated MBA in Kollam. Noorin entered cinema through Dubsmash videos. “There was no way to become part of cinema. No one in my family is in the film field. I was interested in acting since childhood. I still rehearse before the mirror to speak when I receive awards. I was fortunate that I got a chance in a good movie. Earlier, my only aim was to become an actor. It was like a dream. Nowadays, I pay attention on how other actors perform."

"My desire is to do roles which will remain in everyone’s mind. I am not obstinate about doing prominent roles or becoming the heroine. Even if the role is for 5 seconds, it should steal the attention of audience. Personally, I wish to work with good directors. We can act with anyone if there is a good director and script. So, that is enough for me,” says Noorin.

Noorin’s curly hair is hit?

I didn’t like my hair. I loved to see girls making braids on their hair while we were going to schools. I couldn’t do it well, because it was too curly. I liked to straighten my hair then. Now, everyone notices me with my curly hair. So, I started to feel that my hair is nice. Usually, people used to mock me when I let my hair loose. I was sad to hear the teases.

Do you give priority to appearance after entering cinema?

Certainly. I had tried to present myself well even before I became an actor. When I go out without dressing well, people say that she is not like this in film. Sometimes, I have felt bad. I have been doing modelling for more than one year. I have also done advertisements.

Mom is my companion in my film journeys. I haven’t got her fashion sense. The styles which I select might not be suitable for me. When we imitate someone, it might not be matching for us. I have seen girls imitating some actors. I have also done like that. But, then I understood that some attires are suitable for me while some are not.

I would have never reached here if my mom wasn’t with me. She is very active in these things. The kind of exposure that we get wasn’t there in her times. The things which she failed to do then is now possible for me. She comes with me everywhere. Dad will also come if he is free. There are some family members who don’t agree with me working in films. I am not afraid of anyone as I have the support of my parents. They know me.

Do you watch other language films?

I love Tamil films and the language. I am an ardent fan of Nayanthara. I have always wished to see her. I love to act in Tamil. But, I haven’t thought much about that.

I have done Dubsmash. I have performed Nayanthara’s scene in Rajarani and advertisements through Dubsmash. I am waiting to see her in person.

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