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Birds of Paradise

One of the most wonderful birds in the world, the Wilson's bird of paradise, is visually enthralling.

Of the 37 species of birds of paradise, this is the smallest and rarest. The birds of paradise are endemic to the New Guinea island in the Pacific. It is considered as an oceanic and canopy island still unexplored.

Intense red is prominent on the body of the bird. Head is black. Throat is blue. Yellow is also see. The bird is named after Edward Wilson, who was a British naturalist and ornithologist.

birds of paradise

As per the evaluation of IUCN, the bird is nearly threatened.

The famed British naturalist and broadcaster Rich'ard Attenborough has said that the brilliant colors and intricate feather ornamentation of different birds of paradise has amazed him during the shooting of a documentary about the birds. He remarked that the birds are the most beautiful and most wonderful of the living beings.

birds of paradise

They are thrilling to watch and one gets confused on which bird to go after.

Tim Laman from USA had the rare opportunity to follow the birds of paradise for 20 long years and documented all the 37 species.

It is a great achievement since a trek in the island is most arduous and challenging because of the most inhospitable condition. It is malaria-infected island needing great precaution.

However, facing challenges, Tim located all the 37 species and brought forth a massive book titled Birds of Paradise.

birds of paradise

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