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1. Flying Penguins (2008) BBC
Flying penguins or Miracles of Evolution is an April Fools' Day hoax telecasted by BBC In 2008. The video shows Penguins taking off one after another. The penguins fly over icebergs and the whole sky is filled with them . The film’s advertisement said that the film is evidence for Darwin's theory of evolution. BBC made the film using animation techniques.

Source :Wikipedia

2. Rupee prank (2015) IIT Mumbai

April Fool's Day may came and go , but it is the constructive initiatives like the one by IIT Mumbai that creates an impact on society and paves way for whatever little change that we wish to see in society. This prank made by IIT Mumbai has fun and also conveys a message. The students placed a 100- rupee note on the road. As expected, several people were curious and bent down to take the note. They were really amused when they read the message written on a white paper pasted on the note- "It takes equal effort to pick up a piece of garbage,”. The video of the prank was widely circulated.

Source: Indian Express

3. First glass-bottomed plane (2013) Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic announced in 2013 that is has launched the first glass –bottomed plane. The company said that the passengers can get a splendid view through the glass. It also said that its cabin crew will be given special training to help passengers who may feel nervous to look down.

Source: NY times

4. Google Copernicus centre is hiring (2004) Google

One of the numerous April Fools' hoaxes played by Google. Google announced that there were job opportunities at a research center on the moon. They also said that they have created an operating system called Luna/X for working at the research centre. Source: Wikipedia

5. Twitter eliminates vowels (2013) Twitter

In 2013, Twitter announced that it was shifting to a two -tiered service. In the free version “Twttr”, people can tweet using consonants only. It will not support to vowels.

However, twitter said that users can use its premium "Twitter" service costing five dollars a month, to tweet using vowels also. Twitter said that the company was doing this because it believed that by avoiding vowels, a more efficient and dense form of communication will result. However, the letter "Y" was free for everyone.

Source: NDTV

6. Meteor fireball for sale (2015)

In 2015, e-retailer of Kochi said that they are ready to sell a piece of meteor fireballs that fell in Kerala in 2015. The company advertisement claimed that it had partnership with ‘Archaeology House of Kerala’ . The public can own the piece of meteor weeing 0.9 kg which is priced Rs 151. The company even offered home delivery and 33 people even booked their order. Source - Indian express

7. Leaning tower of Pisa to become Hotel (2015) The Telegraph

The Telegraph reported on April 1 , 2015 that the Italian officials are planning to turn the Leaning tower of Pisa into a luxury hotel. The hotel will be called 3.99 degrees and will have bedrooms with 360 degree views, the report said.

Source: CNN

8. Ola Air (2015) Ola

Taxi Aggregator Ola Cabs announced that it is offering chopper ride for Rs 499. The company also said that it has private helipads for its customers.

Source : Economic Times

9. Big Ben goes digital (1980)

BBC ‘s overseas news service announced that Big Ben, one of the prominent symbols of England was going to be changed to digital clock. However, this April Fool prank boomeranged as listeners were angry and several of them called the BBC office. The media monolith had to apologize to its listeners for several days.

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