2020 will witness spectacular growth in digital technologies

Dr. T. P. Sethumadhavan

The year 2020 will witness lot of transformations in education and career sector across the world. Beginning of the new decade prompts bigger than the usual thoughts about future. 2020 will be the year of economic recession across the world including five English speaking developed countries like United States, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This in turn will affect hiring and immigration. US election will be held during 2020 October. Moreover Brexit will become a reality and UK and EU will separate each other. China will gain substantial growth in economy where as economic recession will affect Japan's industrial sectors.

  • 2020 will the year of Nurses and Plant health
  • During 2020 the world will face economic recession.
  • Focus will be on sustainable ecosystem
  • Digital economy will show robust growth
  • AI and Robotics will rule the world
  • Disruptive technologies and innovation will facilitate disruption in life
  • Working with machines, connectivity and entrepreneurship will acquire momentum
  • Research on Health, life sciences and farming systems will improve
  • Skill sets and talent analytics will facilitate hiring rates
  • Stagnation in immigration process
Year 2020 marks the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale. So 2020 will be termed as international year for Nurses. Moreover United Nations announced that 2020 will be the year for plant health. Technology will witness ups and downs during the year. Flying taxis, Electric super cars and personalized medicines will emerge during 2020. Technology sector will face more regulations, scrutiny and taxations. Tokyo Olympics and Euro 2020 football championship will be held during 2020. The year 2020 will devote more attention to sustainable development and sustainable energy. Electric car production will witness spectacular growth during the year.

Demographically there will be one third Gen zers (18-24 years) in the country. But the young old population namely Yold will increase during the year. Average age of yold will be 34.

There will be substantial growth in services sector. Digital economy, innovation and disruptive technologies will grow at a faster pace. They will change the life and new technology models will emerge. There will be competition between English speaking (Anglo sphere) and non-English speaking countries (Sino sphere).English speaking region had two thirds of world's highly skilled immigrants.

Clean mobility and sustainable energy focussing on a greener and cleaner future will pave way for sustainable energy ecosystem during 2020. Automobile industries will invest in fuel cell technology. Hyundai alone will invest around 7 lakhs fuel cell systems. 2020 will be the 75th year after bombing at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There will be more talks on nuclear diplomacy during 2020. World economy will face substantial downturn leading to recession.

There will be substantial growth in science and agriculture during 2020. Science fiction can play a key role in technology, social and political sectors.

During the year 2020, youngsters will reduce the consumption of alcohol. The recent research report on alcohol suggests that ‘alcohol in small doses is carcinogenic’ will be an eye opener for youngsters. The role of young old will be more in working places. Those retired people interested to work till 75 years of age will increase during the year.

During 2020 girls entering in to managerial cadre will be more. Women's leadership role in Japan will double during the year. India also will face economic recession and country's GDP forecast will be reduced to 5 percent. China will exhibit robust growth in tourism and manufacturing. Pan African multidisciplinary project focussing on innovation in arts, science, technology, entrepreneurship and economy will promote mobility. Social media especially instagram will face lot of criticism due to its partisanship attitude. Demographically those within the age of 30-34 will increase from 506 million to 606 million.

There will be opposition from the host countries against immigrants in 2020. Measures to protect biodiversity and allocation of funds for research on climate mitigation and farming systems will be more during 2020.

During the year the UNESCO's recommendation to promote Mediterranean diet will increase.

Technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, internet of things and data analytics will show quantum jump and spectacular growth in the year 2020. Application of AI in health sciences will be more in the coming year. Technologies will enable efficiency in services and industrial sectors.AI will accelerate research in various sectors which include health, climate change, agriculture, etc. Block chain technology may not achieve substantial growth as in 2019. Facebook’s Libra will face downturn during 2020. The year 2020 will exhibit opposition in immigration and awareness about excess use of antibiotics and climate change. Life sciences will show robust growth. Start-ups and entrepreneurship will accelerate during the year. Due to emergence of 5G, there will be lot of opportunities in connectivity sector. 14.5 percent of global population will be in digital economy. Out of eight largest companies in the world, seven companies are working in digital platform.

Banking, finance and insurance sectors will be in crisis during 2020. But accounting sector will exhibit modest growth. Digital health care and health genetics will show new initiatives. Globally electric car sales will reach 2.9 million.

Some of the sectors which will facilitate lot of education and employment opportunities include defence and aerospace, food processing and farming, healthcare, infrastructure, digital media, mining, travel and tourism, retail, manufacturing, communication, disruptive technologies, life sciences, automobile and energy engineering. IOT, sensors and super-fast networking. Devices embedded with sensors will increase from 8.4 billion in 2017 to 20.4 billion in 2020.

Skill development will acquire momentum in 2020. Skill sets and talent analytics will decide the hiring rates. NASA will open international space stations to private astronauts.

2020, the international year for nurses will witness robust growth in nursing and paramedical sectors. Nurse’s recruitment and immigration will increase during 2020. By 2030 the world will face a shortage of 7.6 million nurses.

New way of life with economic thinking, business models, innovation, and disruptive technologies with 40 percent growth towards digital economy will be witnessed during the coming decade. Opportunities facilitate collaboration among educational institutions across the world.

Prospective courses

Potential sectors and courses which will exhibit fastest growth in 2020 include economics, developmental science, life sciences, engineering branches like civil, architecture, communication, electronics, energy, mechanical, automobile, computer science, robotics, information technology, biotechnology, food technology, food processing, food and nutrition, health and lifestyle, yoga and wellness, culinary arts, hotel and hospitality management, Artificial intelligence, data science, data analytics, accounting, molecular biology, nursing, sustainable development, life sciences, agriculture, construction project management, retail and facilities management, digital media, actuarial sciences, gaming technology, dual management programmes, entrepreneurship, IOT, manufacturing, business studies, etc.

Along with technical skills educated youth must improve domain and behavioural skills, soft skills and English communication to augment employability. Study abroad programmes will improve during 2020. New Year will witness lot of twinning programmes and interdisciplinary research including research collaborations. Academia industry interface will facilitate more employment opportunities for students. Recent McKinsey global management report suggests that 60 percent of the jobs will be automated in the coming decade. AI and Robotics will rule the world.

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