'Arinellikka' plant not giving fruits yet? A few tips...

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Star gooseberry which is also known as the Otaheite gooseberry, Malay gooseberry, Tahitian gooseberry, country gooseberry, star gooseberry, starberry, arbari and West India gooseberry is a common plant in Kerala. In Malayalam, the plant is called ‘Arinellikka’. Its scientific name is Phyllanthus acidus.

Though the tree grows easily, it takes time to bear fruits. In order to improve production, we can try some tips.

  • If the saplings are produced through budding, layering or grafting, then the tree bears fruits in 2-3 years.
  • But the saplings grown from seeds takes upto 6-8 years to start production.
  • Star gooseberry plant requires only organic fertilisers.
  • Upto 10 kilograms of organic manure can be given for each plant.
  • Cow dung powder, compost, vermicompost, bone manure or neem cake can be used as fertiliser.
  • Organic manure can be applied once in two months.
  • When the plant starts growing, mulching the flowerbed will be better instead of daily irrigation.
  • As the tree grows taller, pruning its branches will help manage its height and this also boosts production.

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