Sweet fruits, short trees; Arka Kiran guava fetches Rs 120, farmers get Rs 60-70

R Ajesh

Jnanasaravanan in his guava farm

Palakkad: The people who visit the orchard at Ramarpanne in Meenakshipuram here need not take stones or sticks to pluck guavas. They can easily get the ripe fruits from the trees that grow upto 3-4 feet only. The small guava trees are flourishing in the 1-acre orchard of Jnanasaravanan hailing from Ramarpanne.

A total of 860 guava saplings that belong to Arka Kiran variety were planted in the orchard one year ago. Now the trees have started bearing fruits. Jnanasaravanan said that about 60 kilograms of fruits are harvested from the trees every day.

Arka Kiran guavas are very sweet and have light red flesh inside. They can be used to make juice and ice cream. It fetches upto Rs 120 in the market and the farmers get Rs 60-70. People come from Kochi and Pollachi to buy the guavas, he added.

The plant grows to a height of 6 feet maximum. The tree attains full growth within four years. During this period, about 3 tonnes of guavas can be harvested in one month. Hot climate is suitable for guava cultivation. Production declines in snowy places.

Pruning is necessary for managing the height of the trees. The branches in the top should be cut once in a year and let them grow sideways. Each sapling was planted at a distance of 8 feet to ensure growth of branches.

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