The miracles of Ayurveda, foreign child starts to speak

Thodupuzha: Ayurveda treatment in Kerala has once again proven its miraculous results by making a little foreign girl speak. Victoria, a native of Hungary, was just one year and six months old when she was taken to Idukki. She was partially paralysed and dumb as she took birth as a pre-mature baby.

Now, the little girl who turned 3 years can speak and move her hands and legs without any problem. She returned to her homeland like a normal baby by talking in her cute voice and moving her hands and legs freely.

Victoria is the daughter of Imran Marcose and Monica. She was born in the 24th week. The baby got partially paralyzed within a week of birth. Doctors confirmed problems in her brain, lungs and heart of the child.

Her parents got depressed as the treatments in Hungary was a complete failure. At that time, they came to know about Ayurveda in Kerala from a priest Mahimaraj, a native of Tamil Nadu.

Later, the family reached District Ayurveda Hospital at Paremavu. Dr KR Suresh treated Victoria here. When he got transfer with promotion as chief medical officer to the Thodupuzha District Ayurveda hospital, the family took the child to Thodupuzha to continue the treatment.

Without losing hope, they continued the four phases of the treatment for two years here. She has shown symptoms of recovery during the treatment itself.

Now, she can move hands and legs without any problem. She also addresses her parents in Hungarian language.

Ayurvedic treatment also improved the movement of her neck.

Greatly relieved, the family returned to Hungary after purchasing medicines for six months. They will come back for further treatment here in November.

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